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About Us

Welcome to DCTI

Dhillon Computers & Training Institute

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. (An Expression Used To Describe A Good Invention)

Two brothers a have Information Technology experience. They provide all of the information to customers in a witty and honest way.

DCTI has faced various challenges but has always kept the interest of students as the paramount concern. In modern area, education plays a vital role in our life.

On the other hand knowledge and skills are the key factors in increasing the employability and competitive edge of students in the global environment of economic growth and opportunity is necessary to promote the demand for such trained & professional man power. According to us, senior should learn new technology; we also provide the special classes for senior citizens. Moreover provide equal time to each and every person.

As computers are used daily, they have gained immense importance in day-to-day life. Computers are not only storage devices and processing units, but also are excellent communication media.

Dhillon Computers & Training Institute, Dcti.in





Facilities We Providing

We provide the Following Services for our Students.

High Speed PC’s

We are providing High Speed PC's to our students

High Speed Internet

We are offering High Speed Internet speed to every single PC

Qualified Staff

We have Qualified Staff to teach our students best.

Fully Air Conditioner

We providing Fully Air Conditioner classroom to our students.

Provide Isolated Places

We Provide Isolated Places to all students to have their work done.

Personal Attention

We also give Personal Attention to all students.

Smart Classes

We teach our students in Smart Classes.

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